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Claiming your favorites....
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25th-Mar-2006 02:51 am - Azula
art; everyone has a dark side
Could I claim our little fiery Princess Azula? Thanks.
25th-Feb-2006 04:51 pm - New Member

Character: Cabbage Man
Episode: None
Item: None
19th-Mar-2006 08:17 pm(no subject)
Oh yes they fucking do!
Umm, is it permitted to claim phrases and abstract objects or is that too crazy? If it is may I claim:

1)Aang's "yip yip" or is that sorta thing not allowed? Or maybe some ultra cool person has already claimed the awesome-ness phrase/command ever. ^_^

Hehee, thanks.
14th-Jan-2006 11:54 pm - Claim?
May I please claim Katara?

(I'm suprised she hasn't been claimed yet...)
10th-Jan-2006 01:23 pm(no subject)
Hmm. Has Jet the character been claimed?

If not I wish to claim him, as I have not claimed a character yet.
31st-Dec-2005 01:39 pm - I'd like to Claim...
the hopes-and-dreams icon.
Character: Jeong Jeong
Episode: The Deserter
Item: Lt. Jee's Pipa

I'm pretty sure that no one's claimed them yet; tell me if I'm wrong. ^^;
6th-Dec-2005 06:08 pm(no subject)
Chibi Spirit // Hitsugaya
Umm...I would like to claim:

Hei Bai Spirit
The Koi Fish (would that count as characters? or items?)

5th-Dec-2005 01:19 am(no subject)
Hotspur asks for:
Character: Fire Lord Sozen (What? I like men with power)
Episode: They are all taken, sigh.
Item: Jun's whip (hehe, cool!)
4th-Dec-2005 10:29 pm - New member.
Character - The Face-Stealing Demon, Koh.
Item - Zhao's evil super-villian cloak
4th-Dec-2005 08:12 pm - New member claiming
hello kitty
I'd like to claim:

Character: Princess Yue
Item: Suungi Horn
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